5 Ways to Make Assisted Living Feel Like Home

Putting a loved one in an assisted living facility can be emotionally taxing. However, it can be the start of a wonderful new chapter in their life. The best assisted living facilities allow older and incapacitated individuals to be emboldened and dignified. These are five ways to make assisted living feel like home.

1. Caring staff

The staff at an assisted living facility should see their role as a calling. They need to be devoted to the residents and be able to handle all sorts of requests with a positive attitude. They also need to show genuine concern and provide them with a sense of trust. When you hire someone, you should get as much information as possible regarding their ability to be a good caretaker. Someone with past assisted living experience or working in a similar role, such as in a hospital, should be considered highly desirable. There needs to be a dedication to making residents feel like they’re being properly attended to.

2. Activities

Assisted living facilities need to have things for residents to do besides just putter around in their rooms. Activities can bring out energy and enthusiasm among them. Things like aerobics, dance classes, and music performances are just some ideas. You want to help your residents fill out their days and have things to look forward to. This can also help them to grow friendships through socializing.

3. Decorations

Drably-lit hallways with no decorations are sure to make your assisted living facility feel depressing. You want it to feel lively and have plenty of hospitality. Keep it well-lit and put up attractive artwork. You can also spice out the atmosphere with beautiful and aromatic flowers. When people enter the facility, they should instantly feel like they’re in a place that’s brimming with love.

4. Sympathy

Even if you’re doing all you can to make it comforting, being in an assisted living facility can be emotionally difficult. When residents express concern about things, listen to understand. They need to know that they’re being paid attention to. They are humans and should not be ignored or isolated under any circumstances.

5. Listening

As much as a resident might enjoy their stay at your assisted living facility, they might also feel like something is missing. Take the time to find out what residents need to make their room feel like home. It could be a certain item or arrangement of furniture. Whatever it takes to achieve this, you should do your best to make it possible.

Assisted living facilities have become places where residents are treated not as anonymous faces but as genuine humans who have the same needs and values as anyone else. It’s not difficult to understand what makes a place feel like home. With these tips, assisted living can be rich with comforts.

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