How to Properly Set Your Fitness Goals in 2020

Before every year comes to an ending, thousands of people make their New Year’s resolutions to live a much better and product life come the next year. As beneficial as it can be to plan goals, it is important for you to also know how to set your goals so that you can be successful in the new year. There are some mistakes people make when planning their fitness goals and it shows through short-lived fitness regimens. So, to get the most out of your fitness goals, you should utilize some of the following advice when creating your list of fitness resolutions.

Be Realistic

It is not too uncommon for people to underestimate their goal setting when planning for the new year ahead. A new year brings in a fresh slate and the opportunity for you to start from scratch. However, make sure you don’t get too excited to the point where you aren’t being realistic. It is okay to want to give your all in your future workout routines and fitness, but you must pace yourself. Understand what level of fitness you are currently at and tailor goals with that in mind. Therefore, you won’t feel discouraged if you are unable to complete certain fitness tasks. Throughout time, you will begin to increase your momentum.

Repetition, Repetition

You should have a clear mindset when setting your fitness goals. This requires a particular degree of self-awareness. Habits are not formed in a matter of seconds. The behavioral patterns we repeat most frequently are embedded into our neural pathways. If you have unhealthy fitness habits, then it will likely take a bit of time to adapt healthier fitness habits. Understand that incorporating a consistent workout regimen will take effort on your part as it may seem like something new to you. Don’t introduce any drastic shifts into your exercise schedule as it’ll be harder for you to transition into. For example, if you haven’t done HIIT(High-intensity Interval Training) before, your body is likely not acclimated as yet to perform under such conditions.

Make It Your Own

Set fitness goals that you won’t get bored with and can actually find motivation from. Not everyone wants to look like a body builder. Be specific on what you want your body to look like and how you feel. As a project, you can even create a vision board of fitness inspiration. Your board can include pictures of healthy meals, a flat stomach, motivational quotes, and more. Visualization and Imagery is so powerful that even elite athletes and Olympians use it.

Setting your fitness goals the proper way will allow your goals to last longer and increase the likelihood of your fitness goal completion. It is easy to start a plan, but finishing it can prove to be difficult if goals are unrealistic or unstructured. By being contentious of your fitness, you will know where to begin on your fitness journey.

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