People Who Managed to End Bad Relationship and Became Happy

Bad relationships are quite common everywhere and no one is safe from getting into a situation like that. Even though it might seem easy to break the cycle and start a new life, plenty of people continue struggling due to many reasons. These 2 people went against the flow and changed their lives, ditching their hated job, terrible relationships and starting anew. Surprisingly, they became much happier than they ever were before.

Jill Sherer Murray

This woman might be familiar to you after a powerful TED speech she gave. Jill changed her life rapidly and drastically when she understood she wasn’t happy anymore… and she moved back with her parents. While it might seem like a controversial move, mostly due to the fact that grown-ups see this as a “loser” mark, this was the only thing that was able to save Jill’s life and restore her will to live.

Jill admits, that she had it all, living in a big city she loved most (Chicago), she had a rather good job money-wise and a boyfriend she loved. Everything seems quite good at first, right? Indeed, things were not awfully bad, but neither they were terrific. The job she had wasn’t as satisfying spiritually, and while Jill wanted to be a writer and a teacher, she had a column to lead, but also a bureaucratic corporate job with little fun. When a person feels like they are stagnating, they try to find another field for themselves to try, normally that’s love life.

Here things were not as bright and shiny as well. A boyfriend she dated for 12 years was afraid of commitment and Jill had to face the fear of being alone forever. The next thing she did (after being depressed and eating tons of pizza), she quit.

One needs plenty of inner strength and courage to actually admit the previous mistakes and break the circle of misfortune by quitting. Moreover, she moved back with her parents. Now, for many people, it seems like the end of the world, but Jill managed to get back on track and within a year she got engaged, found a dream job and grew personally.

Candice Kilpatrick

Candice and her husband lived in Asia, in a small expat town where everyone knew each other. For this reason, when she ended her dead relationship with the husband who was cheating on her, she had to move somewhere no one would know her. For this she chose NY, moving across the ocean with two bags and no friends to back her up.

While the first months were extremely tough to Candice, she managed to get a prestigious job, found a nice place to stay and her new boyfriend. She admits, that while everything was hard and painful, it was all worth it. That personal growth and experience changed her life for the best and now she knows the most important lesson: “you are the only one in charge of your fate, the controller of your happiness and misery”.


While it’s hard to leave someone you love and care for, sometimes there is no other way. Quitting, ending it here and now without stretching, prolonging the years of misery is the smarter decision. It’s just worth remembering that life always gets better and the sun can and will shine again, even if it doesn’t seem that way.