3 Advantages of Having a Prepaid Phone over a Phone Contract

Prepaid phones may sound like a thing of the past, but they are still very much useful in today’s world. Prepaid phones, sometimes called “burner” phones, are phones that are often used temporarily. They are different from other wireless phones that require the owner to enter into a contract with the carrier for service. While you may not see them around as much, prepaid phones can still be useful for many situations.

Read on for three advantages to having a prepaid phone instead of a contract.

1. A prepaid phone is cheaper

The reason that prepaid phones are cheaper than others is due to their limited functionality. Most cell phone service plans are pay-as-you-go. You do not have to enter into a year-long or even three-year-long contract just for the privilege of an expensive phone and service. Prepaid phones are perfect for people who do not need or want a phone with a lot of functions, such as high-speed internet.

A prepaid phone will also likely have a longer battery life than other phones. With no fancy bells and whistles, such as internet, mobile apps, and GPS, the battery will last a lot longer. You won’t need to spend as much time charging your phone, and you won’t have to constantly replace chargers due to them wearing out.

2. Prepaid phones don’t force you into a contract

Check out any smartphone from a well-known provider. You’ll likely be pressured into signing a contract for at least a year. If you want to get out of it, you will have to pay a fee of at least a couple of hundred dollars. With a prepaid phone, you are only paying for text messages and talk time, so there is no need for lengthy contracts. When you need more minutes, you buy them. It’s a simple system that many people enjoy.

3. They are great for an emergency

Even if you have no use for a cell phone, a prepaid phone is perfect for emergency situations. A cell phone must have the ability to dial 911, even if there is no service on it, according to the FCC. You may want to consider keeping a cheap prepaid phone with you all the time, even if you use another smartphone on a regular basis. As long as it is charged, it can be used in an emergency if you cannot get to your regular smartphone.

Prepaid phones are inexpensive, perfect for an emergency, and very easy to use. Many older men and women who do not like the newer cell phones can also benefit from a simple prepaid phone. They are usually small and compact, perfect for the purse, car, or bag.

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