3 Benefits of Hiring a Moving Service

Moving your house will take effort and a lot of patience. No matter how busy you get, there will be things that you want to take care of on your own. However, your move can be made simpler and safer with a quality moving service to handle the heaviest items, the moving vehicle, and precious cargo.

Heavy Stuff

While friends may be able to help with moving boxes of books, you want to avoid asking your friends to move your heaviest objects. Your entertainment center may be important, but not crucial enough to send a friend to the chiropractor. A quality moving service will wrap your furniture to protect it against dust and damage. They’ll also have all the gear, such as straps and furniture dollies, to get your large and bulky items of furniture safely on the truck.

Skip the Truck Rental

Moving day will be stressful enough without having to arrange to pick up, load and drive a truck. If you’re moving across the country, be aware that loading and driving a large truck includes a learning curve about blind spots, using mirrors, clearance challenges and backing up. In addition, your drive may include mountains or high wind risk areas. Timing the trip to avoid storm season is a great idea, but not every schedule will allow this. If you aren’t complete comfortable learning the ins and outs of long distance truck driving, hire a moving company.


A quality moving service will carefully wrap any delicates, such as your wedding china, to get it safely to your new place. Make sure you take the lead of your moving crew around the house and let them know exactly where your most fragile items are. Your crew chief can make a list, line up the proper packing supplies, and get your delicates to your new house in safety. It’s particularly important to get items including wall art packed properly for the big moving day. Keeping frames and cover glass protected can save you a lot of heartache if you’re moving old photos or a one of a kind piece.

Getting unpacked will be easier if you can approach the process rested and refreshed. Driving an unfamiliar and large vehicle over new terrain is not relaxing. Hiring a moving service increases your chance of getting all of your belongings to your new home in good shape so you can unpack in confidence.

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