4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Steel Building

Having a steel building seems like the ultimate solution to most problems homeowners face. You no longer have to worry about frequent  repairs on rotting beams or extremely high insurance premiums. However, in order to have an easy time with your steel building, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid.

Forgetting to Read About Building Codes

Every state has specific building codes that control the installation of steel buildings. For instance, some states allow the installation of portal framed structures while others do not. You need to read and understand the local codes to know what is required of you. If the codes require you to meet certain architectural standards, then liaise with your contractor so that your structure can meet them. Also, make sure you know the zoning rules. This way, you can be able to determine whether or not you need to appeal for a zoning change before you install the building.

Not Discussing Your Short and Long-Term Plans With the Builder

When buying a steel building, your sales representative will ask you what size you are looking for and how you plan to pay. However, the sales representative should also ask you about what you are planning to do with the building in five or 10 years. This question is very important because how you plan to use the building will affect its price. For instance, if you plan to use the building to manufacture items, and the materials you are using are corrosive, the manufacturer will add a protective layer to protect the building from corrosion. In this case, he will have to include the cost of the additional materials in the final price of the building.

Not Exploring Your Financial Options

There are several ways you can explore to finance your steel building. In case you plan to buy the building minus the land on which it will be installed, then you can do so directly from the building manufacturer. Do some research on the interest rates to help you choose between a line of credit, credit card or direct financing from the manufacturer. In case you are buying the building plus the land, then you need to do extra homework on the best construction loans in your area.

Not Budgeting Well

Sometimes we fail to get the right steel building just because we didn’t budget well. There are lot more that goes into buying a steel building than the cost of accessories and building parts. Make sure you include other costs when creating the final budget. These costs include excavation fees, transportation costs, permitting fees, land survey charges and engineering fees. Taking into consideration all the costs will enable to plan yourself adequately so that you get a building that meets your specific requirements.

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