4 Reasons to Purchase Land in Missouri

Today, savvy real estate buyers sometimes purchase land in Missouri. The Show Me State encompasses some 68,886 square miles within its boundaries. With an eastern border mostly adjoining the mighty Mississippi River, and a mountainous southern border adjoining parts of the scenic Ozark Mountains, this centrally located Midwestern state still includes extensive wooded acreage nourished by lakes and waterways. Consider just four reasons why some property seekers actively search for tracts here:

One: Outdoor Recreational Activities

One widely popular reason for purchasing raw land relates to outdoor recreation. Camping, fishing, operating ATVs, and other pursuits interest numerous real estate buyers. Prospective owners sometimes desire quiet locations to escape the bustle and stress of urban life. Missouri offers many different types of recreational properties of interest to people who love the outdoors. Some parts of the state include fascinating caves, a particularly popular tourist attraction. Exploring the outdoors in this region may offer both personal enjoyment and potential business opportunities.

Two: Historical Re-Enactment Sites

Currently, historical re-enactments often attract interested tourists and hobbyists. As a state located in the heart of the Western Theater during the Civil War years, Missouri offers a variety of places touched by that conflict. Re-enactments frequently occur in publicly owned locations, such as state parks. However, quite a few battle sites still in private hands exist nearby. Some real estate buyers actively search for these types of properties.

Three: Filming Locations

If you’ve ever considered producing videos or television shows depicting beautiful Midwestern farm field, sparkling lakes, or dense woods, this state offers some diverse sites. A variety of beautiful rural sites furnish a rich backdrop for budding creative artists. The Missouri Film Office supplies a database of available rental locations. Some production companies also purchase film sites for extended use.

Four: Investment Properties

Of course, investors frequently purchase land to hold on the outskirts of expanding urban areas in Missouri. In addition to St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri includes a number of gradually growing urban areas. From time to time, land suitable for future development purposes becomes available here. Prospective purchasers frequently search for investment properties likely to fall within the path of urban development during future years, hoping to benefit from appreciation.

For all these reasons, land ownership in Missouri appeals to many different groups of prospective buyers. The state offers an appealing location for outdoor recreation, historical re-enactments, film and video productions, and investments. Although their reasons for choosing a particular tract may vary, most real estate purchasers do maintain clear criteria for their property decision making.

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