4 Reasons to Rent a Portable Storage Container

Portable storage containers are a trending alternative to storage units at fixed locations. For people relocating, they are also a cost-effective alternative to moving trucks and other traditional moving solutions. With that in mind, here are four great reasons why you should consider renting a portable storage container.

#1. All the Storage Space You Need

Almost everyone deals with the challenge of not having enough storage space in our homes. Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a garage, basement or attic for storage, you’re likely going to have overflow. One option is a storage unit at a fixed location near your home. A better option is a portable storage container. These containers are generally more affordable than fixed-site storage. In addition, since proximity isn’t really a concern, you can widen your search, expose yourself to more competition and get the best price and service features for you and your family.

#2. Delivered to You! 

This is perhaps the best part. You don’t have to worry about gathering your things and lugging them to some storage location. Your container provider will deliver the container to your home on a day and at a time convenient to you. For many people, this will also eliminate the need to rent a truck. It also eliminates the pressure of time. If you rent a truck and drive to a storage shed, there’s pressure on you to get it done right then and there. You can keep your container for a weekend or even an entire week or more and take the time you need to pack, unpack and organize.

#3. Storage and Organization Made Easy 

The convenience of time is a big factor. Another big factor is how spacious even the smallest portable containers are. There’s room for your things. There’s room for you, including a spacious center aisle. There’s also room for lighting and any tools and accessories that you may need. Take your time to organize, color code and label. A little effort now will make it even easier down the line.

#4. No Ramps

Portable storage containers sit flat on the ground. That makes it easier to carry items into the container. If you have to roll something heavy in, then you roll it straight in rather than worry about pushing it up ramps that are not only difficult but present a serious risk for people and possessions alike.

Portable storage containers can save you time and money. They are convenient and can be delivered to you and picked up on demand and without hassle. From that perspective, it is little surprise that the container business is thriving and reshaping the moving and storage industries.

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