4 Special Occasion Fashion Trends for This Winter

Fashion trends are among the circuits in life that are ever-changing and bridge the gap between those in the industry, and those who appreciate it. This winter, there are 4 trends that have been seen on the runway for you to wear to all your upcoming special occasions. Whether it’s a family gathering, a work function, or a glamorous holiday party, 4 styles this winter are faux fur, animal print, mini party dresses, and sequins.

Fashion is going green, and in an effort to preserve the planet without compromising style, designers have been pushing faux fur for winter. There a couple ways to approach this trend, so if you’re looking for a practical application, rock a faux fur coat with your little black dress. Or, if you’re going for a less traditional look, a cute faux vest can be the perfect accessory to a sleeved number. Either way, you’ll achieve an ethical and elegant look for whatever event you’re attending.

Animal print is a trend that has already been seen on runways in London, Milan, New York, and Paris this season. While many designers have gravitated toward leopard print jackets and shoes, others are challenging the norm and experimenting with different wild options, like snake and python inspired print. Many are even twisting the classics and putting out multi-color leopard print for an even bolder statement. Try pairing metallic “snakeskin” pants with a neutral blouse and booties this winter for a functional yet fierce outfit.

This next trend – mini party dresses – is almost guaranteed to be flaunted at every Christmas and New Year’s Eve party. Though the textures, patterns, and shades of these dresses will vary, all will share the spotlight when it comes to being tiny, and showing off a lot of leg. Fashionistas will likely take from their 80’s inspiration and pair the minis with lavish and bright accessories, including voluminous locks and elaborate jewelry. ‘Tis the season to be festive in fashion, and mini party dresses are the perfect building blocks for you to showcase your personal style.

Sequins are making a comeback this winter, but not in the way you’re used to seeing. Contrary to mini party dresses, sequins and sheen are being displayed on the runway in the form of longer gowns and sleek jumpers. Boasting elegant silhouettes and playing off of the light in any room you enter, this trend is sure to make heads turn. Dressing in a sexy, sequin number is a wonderful way to make a statement without having to worry about accessorizing much. Such an outfit will speak for itself, and your shining personality will match it well.

These 4 fashion trends have been gracing the runway and top fashion magazines all over the globe, and are fabulous options for whatever special occasion you find yourself attending. They’re fun, funky, bright, and bold, and none of them require you to break the bank to wear. Each new season brings about new trends in the fashion world, and faux fur, animal print, mini party dresses, and sequins are here to stay this winter.


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