4 Things to Consider When Buying Children’s Jewelry

Children’s jewelry is big business, but you have to be careful with what you buy, especially for the young ones. It is tempting to give different types of jewelry for special birthdays, but there are many items, especially expensive pieces or family heirlooms, that you should set aside until the child is perhaps having a Sweet Sixteenth Birthday or maybe graduating from high school. for use at a later point when they are grown-up, or only for use on special occasions.

Following are some other recommendations that are important and should be carefully considered:

1. Only buy high-quality jewelry because the cheap items are apt to break or be toxic or cause allergies to certain metals, particularly lead and nickel, that might cause rashes or discoloration of the skin and introduce harmful chemicals into the body. Jewelry should be kept at a minimum for young children.

2. Safety issues have to be thought about. Hazards include any small parts, beads, charms, clasps, batteries in items that flash and blink, magnetic pieces that are used to take the jewelry on and off, and similar things that could choke a child if they are swallowed and lodge in the throat to become tangled on playground equipment or furniture. Those situations could lead to possible strangulation.

3. Lead is highly toxic to a child’s developing brain, and, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, there is no safe exposure. Adverse effects could possibly include a decrease in IQ levels, an increase in ADHD, and an increase in hearing impairment. A majority of jewelry recalls are caused when they are found to have high levels of unacceptable heavy metals.

4. Buying Jewelry

Be practical and logical when you choose a jewelry gift for children of any age. You want it to be durable and not fragile, be sturdy to withstand the child’s ability to play and do sports, and be appropriate for the age of the child along with the desire to fit in with that child’s interests, hobbies, and choice of preferred style.

It is very memorable to a child to receive her or his first and subsequent special pieces of jewelry. You might consider taking that child along on the jewelry adventure and be involved in the choice that will truly make it an experience that will be treasured and show you the type of jewelry and the kind of objects that can be a guide for future purchases.

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