4 Ways Cigars are Different than Cigarette

Cigars and cigarettes have been smoked for hundreds of years. Many people all over the world enjoy smoking both of these tobacco items. They like the unique flavors, the feel of the smoke and wonderful aromas. Even though cigars and cigarettes are made from the same source, they are not the same thing. Keep reading to discover 4 ways cigars are different than cigarettes.

1. Cigars have More Tobacco than Cigarettes

Cigars are larger than cigarettes. According to Cancer.gov, cigarettes typically contain 1 gram of tobacco. On the other hand, a cigar has between 1 gram and 20 grams of tobacco filling. Some commercial cigars are similar in size to cigarettes. Cigarettes typically are not the same size as cigars. However, if a person rolls their own tobacco to smoke; they could make a cigarette to be the same size as a cigar. Still, most people who smoke cigarettes prefer their smaller size.

2. Cigarettes are made from Paper and Cigars from Leaves

A lot of people smoke commercial cigarettes purchased from a pack. Cigarettes that are sold in a pack are usually rolled in paper. Tobacco companies also sell individual papers so smokers can roll their own cigarettes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that cigars are made from leaf tobacco. Cigars are never made from paper. The tobacco leaf used to roll a cigar is usually different from the tobacco that fills up the center of the product.

3. Cigars are Harder to Smoke than Cigarettes

Cigarettes are normally smoked within minutes. Rarely does a person hold onto a lit cigarette for a long period of time. However, most people can’t smoke a cigar in one setting. Cigars tend to burn slower since the leaves and tobacco are more robust. Also, paper generally burns fast because of its high flammability to heat. Keep in mind that there are 3 different types of cigars. Large cigars are the type that are commonly smoked by people who like this product. They typically take between 1 – 2 hours to finish. Cigarellos typically take between 10 and 15 minutes to consume. They typically have up to 3 grams of tobacco. Little cigars are usually finished in under 10 minutes. They burn fast like a regular cigarette.

4. Cigarettes have Filters and Cigars Don’t

Cigarettes typically have filters. Cigars usually don’t have them at all. Some variety of cigarellos might contain a filter on the end. The purpose of the filter is to reduce the amount of chemical and smoke substances from fully entering into a person’s mouth. Cigar smokers prefer this product not to have a filter since it interferes with the true flavor of the tobacco.

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