4 Ways Outsourcing Lab Processes can Streamline Your Research

It’s no secret that running a laboratory is an expensive and complex undertaking. If you’re looking to streamline your research, here are 4 ways outsourcing can help:

1. Reduce costs of lab work and increase budget for research

Aside from professional laboratories, much of scientific research is conducted at academic institutions. Traditionally, graduate and doctorate students have done much of the lab process labor, which made for a cost-effective and educational experience for all. However, recent changes in labor laws have made an impact on how some labs approach research. Specifically, the mandate that lab workers who don’t make enough money must be paid overtime has made a big change to budgets everywhere. To mitigate that, outsourcing lab processes has become a solution. By spending less on lab processes, you can dedicate more of your budget to research-related costs.

2. Enhance the education process

While the standard lab-for-education model has been the method of educating science students for years, it’s not actually the best for their careers. Employers want people who know how to lead and manage; they don’t necessarily want more lab technicians. By outsourcing your lab processes, you can provide a deeper level of education for your students and ensure that their ideas are being encouraged and developed.

3. Less hassle

If you hire an outsourcing lab, you and your institution are customers of that lab. So when you have an issue, you’ll receive customer service rather than a load of things to do over the weekend. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing lab processes is the reduction in stress for those who are currently overseeing the lab.

4. The benefit of time

When you’re so focused on tiny details, it’s hard to step back and see the big picture. Outsourcing your lab processes can give you the ability to be hands-off when it comes to the daily grind and instead provide you with the freedom to imagine the future. You’ll have time to review your research and improve its purpose. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll even have time to think of the next big idea in science.

While outsourcing the lab process may not be the perfect solution for every lab, many labs will see a dramatic improvement in the mental health, education and results of their lab work. By having a dedicated team of lab professionals work on your project, you’ll have more time to invest in the research itself.

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