5 Essential Tips for Winter Car Maintenance

Winter car care requires drivers put forth a little more effort to keep their car working efficiently and smoothly taking them down the road. Keeping a well-maintained car isn’t difficult, but does require you to take the time to do what it takes to protect the vehicle for the cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your vehicle keeps on keepin’ on, even though the sometimes harsh winter weather.

Tip 1- Check Your Lights

Winter time means fewer daylight hours, which restricts the availability of light for driving, even when you work the day shift. Make sure your headlights are properly working. Consider cleaning or replacing headlights that are foggy or worn out. Check the voter lights, like the brake lights, during this mini-inspection and repair anything that is broken or damaged.

Tip 2- Coolant Check

Antifreeze is one of the most important winter necessities for the vehicle. Without antifreeze, the vehicle’s engine may freeze up, causing a myriad of expensive problems that cause your vehicle to stop running the way that it should, if not a complete breakdown. Check the coolant levels before severe winter weather rolls around, fill up anything that is low, schedule repair if you find damage, and prepare for the winter.

Tip 3- Are You Riding With the Right Tires?

If temperatures in the area drop below 45 degrees often during the winter, change out the tires if you drive with all-wheel drive tires. Winter tires keep the vehicle safe and free from the rigamarole that drivers experience when snow, ice, and other weather elements strike. To further ensure safety while driving in winter weather conditions, be sure to check the tire pressure on a regular basis.

Tip 4- Drive for the Weather

Most important driving tip for the winter: slow down. Don’t rush to get to your destination and cause an accident, or worse, in the process. Plan to leave home a little earlier to ensure on-time arrival and never drive aggressively since it can put the lives of so many people in danger.

Tip 5- Pack a Survival Kit for the Car

Although this tip doesn’t technically apply to the car, it’s nonetheless an important tip to keep in mind. Prepare a winter survival kit that is kept inside of the car. This kit should contain items like hand warmers, a flashlight, a first-aid kit, a cell phone, and jumper cables that can help in the event that you breakdown or find yourself involved in an accident when it is cold outside.

There is no reason to stay stuck inside the house all winter simply because you’re uncertain if your vehicle is ready to trek through the miles. Use the 5 winter car safety tips above to ensure your winter-ready, no matter how icky the season becomes. With this information, it’s more than possible to enjoy a safe winter season with your vehicle.

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