5 Outdoor Activities to do in the Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian mountains stretch from southern New York State to the northern edge of Mississippi. While traveling in this region, you will find conditions from extreme heat and humidity to snow and ice. Layer up well and bring plenty of water.


There are many trails throught he Appalachian region that provide options for hiking and walking. However, more and more travelers are also enjoying the chance to cycle the Appalachian trail. Your bike will need a bell and you’ll need to be ready to call a warning as you pass left or right. Be prepared to walk your bike on trails that aren’t paved as mud and tree roots can make cycling treacherous on some of the more advanced trails. However, cycling is a great way to view these beautiful mountains.


You can find terrific skiing conditions high in the mountains of North Carolina. There are plenty of places to stretch your legs as a beginning skier in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition, intermediate and advanced skiers can find challenging slopes on Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain. Your skiing experience may be aided by man-made snow, but as the largest peak in North Carolina is above 6,000 feet, be ready to face some serious snow from Mother Nature as well!


The Shenandoah River Valley offers many options for getting a canoe on the water. Paddling the Appalachian trail is possible along several stretches of the trail and is referred to as Aquablazing. You might also enjoy time on one of the many lakes in Southern New York State. The Appalachian region has room for guests of nearly every interest and can help you connect with nature on or off the trail.


After a long canoe trip, you’ll want to cool off with a dip in a river or lake. At Big Rock Falls in the state of Virginia, swimmers can use the natural falls as a water slide into deeper, cooler waters. Be aware that these swimming holes do contain rocks and none of them offer lifeguards, so you’ll need to be smart about your swimming choices. However, many of these swimming holes can only be reached by a long hike, so you can find peace and privacy for your swim.


If you’re not a hiker but still enjoy a good walk and a little competition, golfing in the Appalachian mountains may be your sport. You can find great golfing along the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

You don’t have to be a dedicated hiker to enjoy the Appalachian region. While the trail is a popular destination, there are plenty out there who are enjoying time in the water, on the slopes and on the golf course.

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