5 Reasons to Give a Challenge Coin

The next time you need to give someone a little recognition or mark an achievement, a challenge coin might be something to consider. Traditionally, these coins were handed out by the military. They’re still commonly seen among servicemen but are becoming more popular among civilian organizations and even in the business world.

What is a challenge coin? It’s a small medallion usually stamped with an organization’s insignia, maybe with a motto or other words and images. It can be given for a number of reasons, from going above and beyond the call of duty to achieving a goal to marking an important event. You can learn all about their history.

They are relatively inexpensive and are just the right token to recognize small, but important, individual contributions. They can also be given in larger numbers to mark important occasions or make anything more memorable. Here’s a list of reasons you might consider keeping a supply on hand and giving them out the next time something calls for a little acknowledgement.

1. To designate membership in an organization. A challenge coin could be something members of your group carry with them at all times, as a way of showing pride in being part of your organization.
2. To recognize an accomplishment. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. Perhaps someone did a little something extra that needs a special thank you. A challenge coin is a great way to say thanks in a private but more memorable way.
3. To commemorate a special event. The next time your group reaches a milestone, passing out challenge coins to your members or employees could be just the way to mark the occasion. They also are a unique way to celebrate a birth or graduation.
4. To memorialize a person or event. What better way to remember something or someone important to a group than with a permanent memento? Challenge coins are customizable for any purpose.
5. To boost morale. People like to be part of something larger than themselves. Handing out this tangible piece of your organization can be a way to build teamwork among your members.

Now you know a little about challenge coins, why they’re handed out and how they can motivate recipients. Their history is long and their significance is undeniable. You can use this honored tradition to improve and enhance your organization or business. It can be a simple yet effective tool to improve relationships within any organization.

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