5 Signs You Should Drug Test Your Employees

Drug use is a very serious issue that can affect the workplace in many different ways. Here are some signs that you should drug test your workers.


If there are physical signs of drug use, you should consider drug testing your employees. For example, if you find pills, needles and syringes laying around, these are tell-tale signs that you employees are most likely involved in drug use. Paraphernalia such as pipes and bongs are also indicative of drug use.

Physical Symptoms

Signs of drug use commonly manifest themselves through physical symptoms. For example, a person on drugs may have enlarged pupils or eyes that are bloodshot and glassy. They may be stumbling or shaking. Physical symptoms depend on the drug. For example, a person who is bending over and passing out could be on opiates or opioids.

Behavior Changes

People on drugs exhibit various types of behaviors that are particularly noticeable. For example, a person on drugs might be highly energetic and irritable. He or she could be moody or paranoid. Delusional and nonsensical behavior might follow.

It is important to take the behavior of your employees seriously because if your employees are acting inappropriately as a result of drug use, the entire work environment can become very toxic. If drug-using employees with behavior issues come into contact with clients, you can potentially lose business.

Things Being Destroyed Or Missing

Another sign that you should start drug testing your employees is the disappearance and destruction of things. For example, if you find money missing or items destroyed, it could be because one or more of your employees has a problem.

Talk About Drugs

If your employees are talking about drugs, it may be time to test them. It seems unbelievable, but it is without a doubt that many people are very open when it comes to talking about drugs. Some people even brag about it like it is something to look up to. If you hear talk about drug use, you should think about testing people. There are a lot of degenerated people out there who are brazen enough to talk about their drug use while they have little to nothing to show for themselves. Such people do not represent a positive element.

In conclusion, these are the signs that you should drug test your workers. If things are destroyed or missing, you hear people talking blatantly about drugs, the behavior of your employees change, you find drug paraphernalia laying around and you physical symptoms of drug, it is time to drug test people. Drug testing will save you a lot of time and heartache.

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