5 Simple Car Maintenance Tips

The basic idea of keeping your car maintained is to be proactive with repairs instead of reactive. While you can’t foresee every repair that will be needed, you can take care of a few things to keep your car running reliably. Here are five car maintenance tips that are good to know.

#1 Oil Change

Always check your owner’s manual for how often you should have your oil changed. The motor oil keeps all of the internal parts of your engine lubricated and running efficiently. It usually will need to be changed about every 3,000 miles of normal usage. Not changing your oil as recommended can cause serious damage to your engine. You should also check your oil level on a weekly basis.

#2 Other Fluids

There are a few different fluids under the hood of your car. Some of them shouldn’t have to be topped off, but some of them will need to be filled every now and then. Here are some of the other fluids that you should keep an eye on. Maybe get in the habit of checking them when you fill up with gas.

  • Transmission fluid: There’s a dipstick to check it. If it’s low on fluid, you’ll not only need to add some, but you will also want to get the transmission looked at. It’s leaking fluid somewhere.
  • Brake fluid: The cap comes off so you can check the level. Just as with transmission fluid, there could be a leak if the level is low.
  • Windshield wiper fluid: Chances are, you use this one a lot, and will need to fill it often.
  • Antifreeze: You can visually check the overflow tank. If it’s low, top it off, and get it serviced.
  • Power steering fluid: Another one that you should check, but shouldn’t need to fill. If it needs to be topped off, it probably needs to be serviced.

#3 Tires

They won’t last forever. And, you don’t want to stretch the life of them too far. Flat tires are no fun. Speaking of flats, make sure that the spare is in good shape.

#4 Windshield Wipers

They’ll wear out every now and then. You can change them out or have it done with the oil change.

#5 Annual Maintenance

Once a year, have it checked from end to end. It’s definitely money well spent.

The better that you take care of your car, the better it will take care of you. With car repairs, it’s always best to stay ahead of the game. Having it looked at often by a professional will make certain that it will be ready for you when you need it.

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