5 Tips for Choosing a New Insurance Agent

Things don’t always go your way. Perhaps you are disappointed after your last insurance company failed to properly protect you from risk. If it was auto insurance, the insurer refused to pay for some minor repairs on your car, claiming that it wasn’t part of the contract. You are disappointed at yourself, and the agent that recommended that company for you. As a result, you decide to go back to the market to find a new agent. This time, use the following tips to make sure that you actually find the right person:

1. Figure out your Insurance Needs

Before you approach the agent, make sure that you know the type of insurance cover that you want. There are agents that will offer you recommendations for both personal and commercial insurance covers, and there are those that specialize in one of these. Even though some agents are experts in both fields, you are better off going with one that’s focused on a particular sector. This is because such agents can give a variety of good options.

2. What is their Level of Expertise?

Another thing that you should be careful about when choosing a new insurance agent is their level of expertise. Usually, there is a special certification for experienced agents. The agent can be a certified insurance counselor (CIC), an associate in risk management (ARM) or a chartered property casualty underwriter (CPCU). If the agent has any of the above accreditations, they will have these abbreviations before their names.

3. The Agent’s Character

You shouldn’t focus only on education and level of expertise as the main criteria for choosing an agent. Sometimes the agent may look good on paper only to find out that they have a horrible personality. Make sure that the agent is honest, humble, and experienced enough to handle your case. People with such character traits are easier to work with.

4. Ask Around 
You can ask the agent all types of questions, and they will give you satisfactory answers because they have experienced such queries before. Therefore, you can’t be sure whether or not most of the answers are true. A good strategy is to ask the people that have worked with the agent about their services. You can look at testimonials or ask close friends for such information.

5. Testing Efficiency

Before you hire the insurance agent, you can ask them to find you different quotes on the type of cover that you’re interested in. Pay attention to their response. Notice how fast they can get you quotes, and the way they explain the different types of cover. If you are satisfied, you can go ahead and hire them.

In conclusion, the first insurance agent that you choose may fail to deliver on their promise. They can get you an incomplete cover that doesn’t cover most risks. If that’s the case, you have to go look for a new insurance agent. You can use the above tips to make sure that you find the right agent this time around.

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