5 Tips for Picking the Right Floor for You

If it’s time to replace the flooring in your home, you’ve likely discovered that there are many options out there to choose from. Carpeting, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and tile are just a few of the many options available. To assist you in picking the right flooring to fit your needs, here are some actionable tips you can start to utilize today.

Is It A Wet Room?

To start with, you need to determine if the room that needs flooring is a wet room or prone to high moisture. These are rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. If they are prone to moisture, then you need to pick a flooring that can handle the water. For example, carpeting isn’t going to be a great option for rooms that have moisture as it will just mildew.

Assess The Needs Of Your Home

Each family’s needs are going to be different from the next. If you have pets and/or children, it’s likely you’re going to desire a floor that is highly durable. You don’t want to install a delicate floor, such as site-finished hardwood that can easily scratch. In addition, consider the various things that go on in the rooms that need flooring. Is it a workout room that requires a good grip for the flooring or is it a living room where you want a soft rug surface to walk on?

Determine What Your Budget Is

Before you get too involved in discovering the endless flooring options that are out there, you need to first determine your budget. This way, you don’t find yourself overspending on a product that you simply can’t afford. The best way to determine your budget is by the square foot. If you’re on the cheaper end, you can find laminate flooring options for under two dollars. If your budget allows between three to four bucks per square foot, you have more options like carpeting, vinyl, and tile. Lastly, if your budget allows for five or more dollars per square foot, your possibilities are in the high-end range where you can afford exotic hardwoods and carpeting textures.

Are You A DIYer Or Not?

If you decide to install the flooring yourself, you can save more money. Or, you can utilize the extra money you saved to pay for a higher quality flooring product. Either way, you need to know whether or not you want to invest the time in installing your new flooring. Flooring like vinyl and laminate is very easy to do for DIYers. Laying down carpeting flat and installing tile with a professionally-done look is much more difficult to do.

What Level Of Maintenance Do You Prefer

You need to go into picking your flooring with the intent of choosing an option that you can easily maintain. Solid hardwoods are going to require a higher level of maintenance than a vinyl plank flooring. Understanding what upkeep is required can help you to determine whether or not you have the time to invest in keeping up with your desired type of flooring. You may end up changing your flooring preference to one that requires less maintenance over the long run.

Determining the right type of flooring for your project may seem overwhelming at first. Before you head off to your local hardware store to determine what options are available for you, it’s best to take a look at the five tips discussed above. They’ll give you a great starting point to narrow down your list and ensure you get the best flooring to fit your lifestyle.

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