5 Ways Your Website Colors Impact the Emotions of Your Consumers

Color is a more important factor in impacting your customers than you might expect. If you get all the technical details of your web page right, you might wonder what the hype with design and creating a site that looks great is all about? The design and color scheme of a site can boost the chances of customers buying your products or services. This is because colors impact psychological states of being which is key to creating the right ground for new and returning consumers.

5 Ways to Use Colors for Your Website

The Connection Between Colors and Emotions

As a producer of products or a salesperson, you might be well aware that humans are not driven by thought but by feelings and emotions. The decision of whether to buy a product or service from you is rarely something that they give thought to. Color is important here because colors are tightly connected to emotions.

Color Associations

Depending on the message you want to send forth about your brand, different colors will achieve different results. For example, if you want your site to convey a message of solidity and high quality, you can add black to the font. Always consider the niche you are using it in. Black would be a better color if you are someone who sells fashionable clothing items or jewelry. In another case, if you are decorating a home store site, you will want to use green as it gives customers a sense of security and homeliness.

Color in Advertising

Let’s say that you want to urge customers at a certain point to buy something that is on sale or in limited quantities. One way to further fortify the effect of urgency is to make the labels a red color. Red boosts your customer’s attention and urges them to make a decision and take action. Use it sparingly to avoid aggravating customers.

Build Trust

A color that people often associate with something trustworthy is the blue color. It is a color that attracts attention while giving off a vibe of trustworthiness.

Consider Your Audience

Within certain regions, there are colors that are preferred over others. For example, within the United States, blue is the top pick as a favorite color followed by green. When doing business in a certain geographical region, consider the regional color preferences to attract customers from that area. Also, consider age and sex. A site for fishing products would have an entirely different color scheme than a children’s store.

Picking the Right One

Choosing the colors of your site can be a creative and fun process. There is not a single right decision when picking them. Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes to understand what your site would feel like to you if you were your own customer.

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