6 Easy Ideas to Pack Efficiently and Effectively

It can be overwhelming thinking about all that needs to be done when it is time to move. This stress can be eased if you plan ahead and are organized. Let’s take a look at 6 ideas on how to make packing for a move more efficient.


Pare Down – Before moving, it is good to assess the items in your home and get rid of anything that you haven’t used in awhile or items that may be in disrepair. There is no point in paying someone to move these items to your new home. Have a garage sale, sell the item(s) on Craigslist, schedule a pick up from Salvation Army, or send the items to the landfill if they aren’t in good enough shape. If you are able to earn a little extra money, it will help to ease the cost of the move as well.


Start Early – Packing can take quite a bit of time, therefore it is best to get started right away. If you are a few weeks out, start packing items that you don’t use as often. Plan your time wisely – set time aside on your calendar each day to spend on packing or preparing for the move in another way, like comparing moving companies.


Gather Materials – Before starting to pack, it is important to pick up proper moving supplies. You will need many boxes in various shapes and sizes, tape, moving blankets, labels and a marker, packing material (newspaper, bubble wrap), a dolly, etc.


Label, Label, Label – Labeling is an important part to the moving process. It is important to note what is inside the box as well as where it is to go in your new home. When you are ready to have the movers deliver – make sure they know what each room is called so they can put the box in the appropriate location. Once you get moved into your new home and are in the process of unpacking – the labeling can really help you find something you need in a hurry.


Take Pictures of Electronics – Electronics often have many cords that need to be unplugged before wrapping and transport. It can be time intensive trying to get everything in place once you get moved. If you take a picture of the cords before unplugging, it will help you when you are ready to put the cords back in place.


Seek Outside Help – Sometimes busy schedules don’t allow for the time needed to pack. If you are finding it hard to get much done, you may want to consider hiring the movers to pack your house.

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