6 Tips for Buying a Car for Your Teen

Teens are always trying to be like adults. They want their independence and they want to drive. They don’t care about safety, insurance costs or even how they are going to pay for repairs. Parents, you are going to have to be wise when you purchase a car for your teen. The following 6 tips for buying a car for your teen will help you through this process.

Tip 1: Buy a Car that your Kid can Afford

Dads you must buy your kids a car that they can afford. If they are under 18-years-old and want a vehicle, make sure they have job to pay for gas, insurance and maintenance costs. If your child doesn’t have the money to cover the cost of their vehicle; then you will be paying for it. Just keep in mind that a teenager should have the responsibility of maintaining their own vehicle.

Tip 2: Should you get your teenager a brand new car?

Drives Smart Georgia recommends that parents purchase vehicle that would make sense for their budget and for their situation. People who have the money can get newer model vehicle for their teen. New cars have better safety features and fewer performance issues. However, they are more expensive to maintain. Older cars usually don’t have any modern safety features and they can come with many repair problems. Each family will have to decide what type of vehicle is suited for them, their child’s driving ability and their financial situation.

Tip 3: Don’t get a Car that is too Expensive to Insure

Insurance is must for any young driver. Parents, you will probably have to add your teen driver to your policy. Your teen driver will cause your policy to increase. All teens are considered risky drivers because they are developing their skills. Remember, the more a car costs; the more you will have to pay to cover your teen on your policy.

Tip 4: Inspect the Car Before you Buy

Experian states that a vehicle should be inspected before they’re purchased. Take it for a test drive and have a qualified mechanic (or person who knows about cars) to look at it. This will help to keep your teen from purchasing a bad vehicle.

Tip 5: Check the Vehicle’s Maintenance History

Checking a vehicle’s maintenance and repair history will help you to make an informed decision about making a vehicle purchase. Maintenance records will help you to see if the car has any bad problems.

Tip 6: Make Sure the Car is a Good Choice for your Teens

Your teen’s driving ability and personality will also play a role with selecting a vehicle. Choose an automobile that will provide them with the best way to safely and comfortably travel on the road.

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