6 Tips for Finding a Moving Company

When the task of a large move begins to feel overwhelming, you may want to call in reinforcements. Moving companies are available to help you approach this task with peace of mind. Use these tips to help you find the best moving company for your needs.
1. Do an initial assessment: Moving companies offer several options to suit your specific needs. Whether you are facing a big or small move, you will want to make sure to go over everything you need to be done. First, take an inventory of everything that you will be moving. Then, think about your individual capacity. How much time will you be able to dedicate to the move? Will you need help with packing? Do you need moving materials? This initial assessment will help you narrow down your options.
2. Assess the cost: During your first assessment, you will also want to think about your budget. Many movers charge by the hour so you will want to consider the time you will need to dedicate to the move. Note that the size of your items and the number of movers you need can also impact the potential costs.
3. Research: The people you are hiring will be moving your valuables so it’s important that you trust the company. Recommendations are the best way to choose your mover. However, you can also search online to read reviews of other customers. The Better Business Bureau website can help you vet out potential scammers.
4. Compare: Not all movers are created equally. Don’t be afraid to do your research and call to get more information. Full-service movers will be involved in every aspect of your transition from planning to unloading. Partial service movers may only help with the packing or loading. Do your research and pick out 2-3 options.
5. Ask for a walkthrough: Several moving companies offer in-home estimates. This allows movers to do a walkthrough of your space and provide an estimation of the potential cost. Make sure that you show them everything you will be moving. This will help you finalize the approximate costs of the move.
6. Insure your move: Investing in insurance guarantees all your valuables are protected. Research the different insurance options available for relocating and talk to your moving company about the plans they offer.

With so many options available to help you relocate, the task of finding the best moving professional can feel confusing. With the right research and planning, you can transition to your new place with as little stress as possible.

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