6 Tips for Improving Your Memory

How strong is your memory? Whether you’re a college student, a working adult, or an elderly individual, keeping your mind sharp is an important part of a healthy life. Despite the old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, neuroplasticity allows the brain, when properly stimulated, to form new connections and neural pathways and adapt to various changes. The tips below are a few that can easily help improve your cognitive ability and your memory.

Tip One: Give the Brain a Workout

Adults have millions of neural pathways that allow them to process information quickly.
But, when you’re stuck in this pattern, you’re not engaging your brain in a stimulative way, thus it isn’t able to grow or develop. You must use your memory because similar to muscles, you lose it if you don’t. Try a few brain exercises that break normal routines and challenge you to think and develop new pathways in the brain.

Tip Two: Get Physical

Mental exercise is important, but so is physical exercise and yes, the two do hold a connection. When you are physically active, it increases the amount of oxygen the brain receives, thus reducing disorders that may cause memory loss. Exercise also reduces stress hormones and employers’ helpful brain chemicals.

Tip Three: Go to Sleep

The amount of sleep a person needs varies based on their age. All adults need 6- 9 hours of sleep per night to thrive. Your brain suffers just a well as your body if you lack this sleep each night. Sleep deprivation causes trouble with a person’s critical thinking skills, memory, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Sleep is fundamental to your everyday way of life.

Tip Four: Hang Out With the People That Matter

Another old age that is true even today is that ‘all work and no play is no fun.” Moreso, all work and no play cause a person to lose their brainpower. We need to experience fun in our lives, as well as the togetherness, closeness, and feelings of togetherness we get when hanging out with our friends. Make sure that your life includes those girl’s nights out or guys nights out to keep your brain function a top priority.

Tip Five: Stress

In women, stress is known as a silent killer. It causes an array of negative health effects that may lead to cardiovascular disease and other conditions, including mental illnesses’. Keep stress in check to ensure your brain doesn’t suffer. If you are stressed out, it causes the inability to clearly think or make decisions which can lead to long-term effects.

Tip Six: Take Time to Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, especially for anyone who wants to engage their whole brain and enjoy enhanced learning ability and improve creativity. Laughter helps you live life more freely and certainly improves brainpower. When you can laugh at yourself and others and of course, a good joke, your brain invokes great thoughts that keep it healthy.

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