6 Tips For Moving To Charleston, South Carolina

Moving to Charleston is going to be the greatest move you ever made. There is work in town, homes are ready for you to move in, and the schools enjoy good reputations and test scores. Here are six things we thought you should know about moving to Charleston SC.

1. Charleston Weather

If you’re not born to it, the Deep South’s heat and humidity can harm your health along with the mosquitoes they breed. Remain indoors if this becomes the case. Alternatively, the Deep South winters are mild, although it does get cold sometimes.

There hasn’t been a big hurricane since Hugo in 1989. If Charleston gets a hurricane warning, the city will be evacuated, so have a place to go in mind as far inland as you can get.

2. It Isn’t Small And Sleepy Anymore

Charleston used to be the quintessential small Southern town until recently. Suddenly, the woods, marshes, and grasslands disappeared beneath new housing developments. With that comes more traffic, construction equipment, bridges creating bottlenecks at rush hours, and at certain times of year flooding and storms creating more problems. Be prepared to fill the tank and sit.

3. Nearby Towns

If you ever tire of seeing Charleston’s wonders, there are others nearby. For example, Savannah is a two hour drive away, Augusta three, and Atlanta five. North Carolina offers Charlotte three hours away, Asheville and Greenville four hours away. South Carolina has Columbia two hours away and Beaufort an hour and a half away.

4. Cost Of Living

The cost of living in the South is quite low. A 2,000 square foot home going for $250,000 in Baltimore would go for $100,000 in Charleston. Wages aren’t the same as they are in Baltimore or anywhere else, taxes are a little higher, but people still move here at the rate of 28 a day. People move here for the cache, not the prices, so it evens out.

5. The Culture

Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the country. The plantations on the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, the Battery, and the islands all tell Charleston’s story through the antebellum homes, the hundreds of years old trees, and the land itself. If museums aren’t your thing, tour the plantations and walk the parks and islands to understand Charleston’s history.

6. Charleston Is About The Food

Charleston is about tourism, and you have to feed all those people, right? Charleston does seafood like a boss, but Husk cooks with area only ingredients. Try German-Bavarian, all-day breakfast, shrimp and grits, or lobster rolls.

Charleston is one of the coolest cities in which to live. Its history, beauty, and all that water will bring the past and present to vibrant life when you move here.

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