7 Unique Traits You Inherit From Your Parents

Genetics are an interesting thing. The way you turn out is pretty much a shot in the dark. Your parents carry some of their parent’s genetic material, your grandparents had their parents genes, and on and on. So, every time a new life is formed, the embryo can develop any number of dominant traits that have been passed down through the generations. Here are some common traits that you can inherit from your parents.

1. Eyes

Both the shape and color of your eyes will usually be very similar to one of your parents. Colorblindness tends to be passed from the mother’s genes.

2. Allergies

If your parents are particularly susceptible to allergens in the air or are allergic to certain foods, you could very well inherit those traits.

3. Health

If you parents are healthy, their natural antibodies will be passed on to you, in most instances. However, on the flip-side, if they suffer from high cholesterol, thyroid issues, diabetes, or other health-related ailments, you will have more of a likelihood of having the same problems.

4. Hair

Every now and then, you’ll see children whose hair is completely different than their parent’s hair. Most of the time, both your hair color and texture will mimic one of your parents. And, along with the colorblind gene, Mom gets blamed for the baldness gene.

5. Social Skills

Physical traits aren’t the only thing that you inherit from your parents. You grew up watching them interact with the world and learned from their mistakes. If you parents were popular and had a lot of friends, you probably do as well. The same would apply if they were more introverted and personal with their time.

6. Sneezing

If you’ve ever noticed, people sneeze differently. And, it usually runs in the family. There’s the one-sneezer, one quick sneeze and they’re done. There’s the two-sneezer, same idea, just two sneezes. And, then there’s the three-or-more-sneezers, they know who they are. If you’re a two-sneezer in a one-sneezer family, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. There’s even a condition knows as the achoo syndrome, where you will sneeze in sudden brightness, and it’s hereditary.

7. Peculiarities

You’ll also notice that some families have ears that connect in a straight line to the side of their head, while other ears form a much more distinctly curved lobe. And, some families can roll their tongues and some can’t.

And, these are the same traits that you’ll pass on to your children. We get our fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly. And, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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