9 Key Things to Ask a Prospective Attorney

The right attorney is vital for every case, whether it is a car accident or a medical malpractice claim. Attorneys offer clients a free or affordable consultation; thus, you can take the opportunity to ask essential questions. You need to ask your attorney these nine questions during the interview so that you are sure that he or she is the right attorney for your case.

How long have you practiced law?

It takes several years for an attorney to become an expert in the legal field. Therefore, the answer you get on the question can be revealing. It is advisable to hire an attorney who has been practicing law as a licensed lawyer for at least ten years.

How many court trials have you handled?

You need to ask the attorney the number of court cases and jury trials he or she has handled. Also, ask about the outcomes of the jury trials and court trials handled. You want to know the kind of the cases the attorney has handled.

Will I interact with you or someone else in your office?

The lawyer you hire must make time to talk with you over the phone or in the office. Also, he or she should appear for hearings, depositions, and court proceedings on your behalf. Let the attorney be the one to take your case to trail and negotiate on your behalf, but not someone else.

Are there other ways to solve the legal problem?

Ask your attorney whether you have other options to solve your problem other than taking the issue to court. A good lawyer will explain the legal options rather than the expensive and time-consuming options. Besides, the attorney should arbitrate a case with your interests at heart.

What are your fees and how are they billed?

The question of fees is an important one because you want to know whether or not you can afford the attorney. You also want to see how you are required to pay for the fees. It is the right time to ask about the payment options, how often you are required to pay, and situations when you will be billed.

What is the possible outcome in my case?

It is fair to ask your attorney if you have chances of winning the case or not. You want an honest answer. Therefore, it is also an opportunity to gauge the sincerity of the attorney.

How will you inform me about the proceedings?

Communication is essential when working with an attorney. You should inquire from your attorney how often he or she will be updating you. You would like to know important dates of the case.

Do you practice in the court where my case is?

It is vital to know whether the lawyer knows local prosecutors or judges handling your case. Courtroom experience significantly improves the ability of your attorney to evaluate the possible outcomes of your case. Be sure to hire a lawyer who has interacted with judges and prosecutors in your case.

How long will the case take?

An attorney ought to estimate the time it will take to get a resolution for your case. However, lawyers don’t have control over the pace of your case. But, it is essential to have an estimate of time.


The questions are vital. You can think of other queries based on the circumstances of your case. Don’t shy away from asking your attorney questions.

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