9 Low-Cost Ways to Speed Up the Moving Process

The moving process is the packing, transport, and unpacking components combined into one event. Combine that with children, home buying, home selling, signing contracts, and finding a mover and it gets overwhelming and stressful. Let these tips come to the rescue.

Pack Strategically 
Use dressers, bookshelves, suitcases, TV stands, organizers, and compartments as substitutes for boxes to speed up the packing process. Storage pieces with drawers or doors have belongings inside, so tape the drawers and doors shut. Wrap tight plastic wrap around open shelves like bookcases so items inside stay put. Use suitcases and duffel bags because the wheels are easy to transport.

Don’t Buy Boxes
Grab unwanted boxes from grocery stores, liquor stores, banks, and other businesses. Companies are glad to give boxes to you. An alternative is renting boxes, crates, and containers from moving rental companies.

Pack an Essentials Bag 
A moving essentials bag offers daily essential items to make moving stress-free. This bag contains mandatory items to get by until you’re through unpacking boxes. Examples include oral health items, hygiene items, health and beauty products, clothes, ID, payment options, and financial/government documents. The bag must remain with you at all times.

Pack by Room 
Avoid unnecessary stress by focusing on one room at a time. Start with seasonal or rarely used items. Purge the room, separating wanted from unwanted items. Toss, sell or give away unwanted items. Label boxes based on the room. This process reduces stress during packing and unpacking.

Distribute Box Weight Correctly 
Packing large boxes with heavy items are too difficult to move. Therefore, make larger boxes the lightest boxes. Smaller boxes are the boxes that can handle heavy items because it’s easier to carry small boxes.

Instead of packing food in boxes, eat the food remaining in the fridge and pantry. Give priority to perishable items. Don’t buy new food until you move to the new location.

Select the Right Moving Day
The right day suits both the moving company and your timetable. Avoid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday along with the last week of the month. Both scenarios cost more per hour due to customer demand. As the moving company provides availability, select a morning move because movers are more energetic.

Hire an Honest Company
It’s a mistake to select a moving company based on the lowest estimate. Some companies hide fees while others use the bait-and-switch tactic. The best estimates show the costs upfront (cost plus taxes, fees, and insurance) after a walk-through.

Change of Address 
Contact all utility services and the post office about the change of address. Make appointments so the transfer will complete before move-in day. Without notification, there will be lots of confusion.

Nine helpful hacks speed up the moving process for a less stressful experience. Thorough planning will make the moving process an easier task. Let these nifty tips help.

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