About Us

Our website is dedicated to everything interesting and inspiring. We are here to give you a daily dosage of inspiration, by publishing interesting and encouraging stories from all over the world. We don’t care much about politics, economics and the price of gas, our team has different values.

We think that the Internet is full of those meaningless cat videos and gets flooded practically daily with those empty promises of our politicians. Meanwhile, it’s the people, regular people who actually move the world by opening businesses, getting up and running, creating amazing things that later change our routine.

Between Musk and Trump, we choose Musk. Between another fighting in Congress, empty bill talks and a Kickstarter project, we choose a project. Innovation, creativity and inspiration and the things that make our life possible.

We publish new content, stories and information daily. Our editors monitor the Web, trying to find the most interesting things for you. We try to diversify our publications, by adding different stories on different topics. So, it’s not all about tech or lifestyle, we have it all.

As it was mentioned before, we have stories from all over the world, each country. You might find that we have more information about Europe or the USA, but we try to cover different topics and projects from Australia, Asia and Africa too.

It doesn’t matter what your level of education is or how old you are, as we try to keep our posts interesting for everyone. If an article that we think is interesting is getting too technical, we will explain it to our readers.

We also want you to take part in our work and help us become better for you and in general. If you have a suggestion, contact us and explain how we can improve. We also welcome comments and any kind of feedback and encourage you to leave it. By doing this you’re letting us know how you feel and helping us too.