Best Insurance Company Software Solutions

In today’s dynamic society, change is rapid in the insurance industry. Insurance companies must ensure a high level of security for its clientele. Its infrastructure relies heavily on the software platforms it uses to manage client data and execute policies effectively.

Here Are Our Top Three Insurance Software Platforms:

Applied Epic

As the world’s largest cloud-based insurance solution, Applied has unified insurance brokers, clients, and employees worldwide. Users have access to customer portals and mobile apps in real-time. Applied Epic assists users with the exchange of insurance data and information. Key features include policies and benefits administration, license tracking and document management.

Within the Applied Epic system, users can compare and verify insurance policies and documents. Plan summaries can be created using pre-designed templates. It also allows users to educate employees on benefits and coverage. Applied Epic’s agent dashboard simplifies sales, and allows for performance tracking. The sales automation feature helps sales teams to manage goals and other activities. Agents can manage documents and categorize them in multiple folders. Client reports can be generated with ease, along with tracking client history. Applied Epic also facilitates communication between insurance agents and customers via text messages. Additionally, users may access customer support by phone.

Partner XE

An internet-based insurance agency management system, Partner XE is for independent agents with primarily commercial clientele. From pre-sales and product marketing to client’s service and policy renewals. agency’s client relationship to renewal in a unified system and financial management, The Partner XE system provides a mobile app with custom agency branding. The app’s most notable features include web solutions, text messaging, and data analytics. The platform also allows for third-party integrations.


Agent management solutions offering both desktop and cloud programs. Accessing customer service is a snap for clients via an online chat window. Basic and advanced search options within the system enable to to access client information quickly and easily. Recent client list and quote management system. Agents have direct access to real-time policy information. The system gives agents receipts and revenue tracking. Also, agents have the capability to accept a payment by phone in minutes. An additional feature allows agents to take a quick note or add notes in the comment section. The system is optimized for paperless documents. Images can be dragged and dropped within the platform. Also drag and drop emails directly from Outlook into the system. Jenesis pre-fills many forms for personal and commercial policies. The goal of Jenesis is to create a paperless insurance office, yet documents can be printed out with ease. Monitor your agency’s progress with the simple reporting feature. Track your employee performance, agent performance to better understand growth and retention.

Insurance software of today must meet and exceed the demands of a tough industry. Start with a comprehensive solution for your agency by implenting one of these useful platforms.

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