Best Practice For Whiter Teeth

When you want to have a brilliant smile, it is essential to have white teeth. Keeping your teeth clean and free of stains may seem difficult, but there are ways to avoid having yellowed or spotted teeth. Use these best practices to have whiter teeth.

Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Whiter

One of the easiest ways to have whiter teeth is by brushing and flossing your teeth frequently. While dental experts recommend performing oral hygiene twice a day, there is no reason why you can’t brush and floss several times a day. Carry a small tube of toothpaste and a traveling toothbrush with you to make it easier to care for your teeth while you are at work or school. Look for toothpaste and mouth rinses that are formulated for whitening your teeth. Read the labels on your oral care products to avoid anything that contains artificial dyes. Make sure to brush for two to three minutes while covering each tooth with toothpaste to remove the debris that can discolor your teeth. Rather than using a manual toothbrush, use an electric toothbrush that will remove more plaque from your teeth. Buy dental floss picks so that you can keep a few of these in your briefcase or handbag. During the evening, give your teeth an additional cleaning by using an oral irrigator that emits highly pressurized water to blast away food and beverage debris. While you are drinking certain beverages such as grape juice or soft drinks, use a straw so that the liquids don’t touch the teeth toward the front of your mouth. This can keep your front teeth cleaner by preventing ugly stains. To have healthier dental enamel, make sure to consume nutritious foods that include fresh vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, tasty fruit and low-fat dairy foods. Some foods can discolor your teeth, including tomatoes, cherries or pomegranates, so you should plan to brush and floss immediately after eating these items. After eating, make sure to swish fresh water in your mouth to remove food debris and plaque. Bad habits can lead to discolored teeth, so if you smoke cigarettes, then you should stop to avoid having dental enamel stains from tobacco. If you drink unfiltered tap water, then you may cover your teeth with dangerous sediments that yellow your teeth. Attach a filtering system on your kitchen sink’s faucet, or alternatively, buy a water pitcher that filters the water to remove chemicals and sediments.

Dental Office Visits

You should visit your favorite dentist every six months for an examination and professional cleaning. During this visit, you can request a teeth-whitening procedure to improve your smile. It is safe to have your teeth whitened once a year.

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