How Often Should You Switch Your Exercise Routine?

Do you wonder when to change your exercise routine? One thing you don’t want to do is change it too often. However, there are times when making a change makes perfect sense. The key is to understand when the timing is correct.

Don’t Make a Change When It Isn’t Warranted

Before you know when to make a change to your workout, it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t adjust anything without a good reason.

Some people give out advice that says you should keep your body guessing. Others will teach how important it is to shock the muscles on purpose. These are misconceptions. There’s no need for you to try confusing your muscles or any other similar method.

Another type of exercise change to avoid is jumping from program to program. There aren’t any magical workout programs that work without putting in real work. The opposite is true. Any workout or exercise routine will give you results if you work it consistently.

Sometimes a Change is Necessary

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever change your exercise program. The key is to make a change based on quality reasons. The switch should make sense on a long-term basis. Making a change simply for the sake of change is when things get counterproductive. Let’s take a look at when it makes sense to switch up your exercise routine.

Your Current Routine No Longer Works

This is the best reason to change your workout. You never want to continue doing anything that is no longer getting you the desired results. It’s important that you start out with realistic goals, of course. However, if you notice that results have lessened, then make a change.

You Have Created New Goals

Let’s say that you started out with a goal to lose fat. Over time, though, this goal became less important to you. You now have a new goal. This different goal might be to build muscle or build strength. In this case, definitely change your exercise routine to match the intent of your new goal.

You’ve Become Bored

No one will successfully continue with any life activity if they are bored. This works the same way with your workouts. Change the exercise routine if you’ve become bored with it. Get motivation up to higher levels by doing something fresh and new.

An Injury or Schedule Change

You’ll need to adjust your workout routine if you suffer an injury. Another factor might be a change in your work or life schedule.

These are really the only reasons why you’d want to change your exercise routine. Be honest with yourself in this area. Make sure you’re making the change for the right reasons.

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