How to Become a Leader at Work

We are all followers in some areas of our lives. In other areas, we are leaders. Being a leader is one of the most fulfilling functions that we can play in this life. A good leader is literally shaping the world by influencing and helping others to accomplish something bigger than themselves.

The 1 Kind of Leader
The only kind of leader, is a good leader. A poor leader is a chain around the ankle of others. So what makes a good leader? There are 5 character traits that make exemplary leaders. These traits are:

  • Put the common good of the whole, above your own well being
  • Don’t ask anything of anyone you wouldn’t do yourself
  • Hold an honorable mission in mind
  • Lead by example
  • Be Open to the Ideas and Criticism of Others

The Common Good of the Whole
People follow leaders because they are inspired by what they can accomplish, as a group, united by the leadership of one person. Through an effective leader, people find fulfillment, teamwork, community and meaning. If a leader is self-centered, these results will suffer and eventually fail.

Do as You Ask of Others
A leader needs to be respected in a wholesome way. People follow out of inspiration. Have you ever been asked to do the hard work of someone who wouldn’t lift a finger? Work as hard, if not harder, than you ask of others. Let no task be below you.

An Honorable Mission
A leader is someone who see’s the possibilities of a better life, a dynamic work environment, growth and the betterment of everyone involved. All living things only wants to be happy. A leader points the way. Leadership does this by taking the initiative, leading by example and providing a framework of a mission and expectations. Without these goals, where would one lead, and who would follow?

Leading by Example
Leading by example is giving everyone around you, what you would expect from an ideal leader. A powerful leader develops traits that inspire others to create within themselves. Some of these traits include:

  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Initiative
  • Self Confidence

Be Open to Ideas and Criticism
Leaders only guide by the self interest of their followers. It would only make sense than, that a leader is a tool of the group, that helps to fulfill a common dream. A close minded leader is not a leader, and will not maintain the role. Be open minded to others visions.

As it turns out, leadership, though intensely fulfilling, is not about the leader themselves, but about the health of the group and the accomplishment of the large picture. By setting our personal ego aside and reaching for something greater, we can become great leaders and literally move mountains with the power of unity.

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