How to Decorate Your Wedding on a Budget

If you have a budget set for your wedding, you might think that you need to have simple decorations and other components instead of those that you want. The reason you’re getting married is because you love another person, which is what you should focus on instead of money. Here are a few tips to consider for decorating your wedding if you’re on a budget.

One way that you can save money when you’re decorating is to use flowers that are in season instead of using flowers that might be more expensive to have shipped to your florist or your home. Consider using flowers from your own yard or from someone’s garden who is willing to help with decorating. Combine lights and small white flowers in vases to make beautiful centerpieces.

Simple Signs
Instead of using a lot of elaborate decorations, use signs that you make yourself. Guests can leave messages on the signs at your reception. You can draw special images on the signs and create messages that direct guests as to where they should go when they arrive at the wedding and the reception. The signs that you make can also be used so that guests can take pictures with them, creating fun memories for you to look back on in the future.

Sometimes, the best decorations are those that you make yourself. Consider having a party with your friends so that everyone can make decorations for your wedding as a way to stay within your budget. You can make everything from flower arrangements to place cards for the tables at the reception.

An option for creating beautiful lighting is to use candles instead of investing in a lot of lights that you might not use again. Add sparkle to the candles by putting glue on them and rolling them in glitter. Silver or gold are options to consider as they will usually blend with any wedding color, but you could also use glitter that is the same color as the theme of your wedding.

Your wedding is an event when you should focus on the love that you share with someone else and the love shared between friends and family. While decorating is a step that can make your wedding special, it shouldn’t be one that depletes your budget. With a little planning and help from friends and family, you can have the wedding that you want while staying well within your budget.

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