How To Dress Up A Baseball Cap

Most baseball caps usually stand out without extras. However, if you want to give a bland cap a few elements that provide flair, you’ll have to dress it up. Learn how to dress up a plain baseball cap by reviewing the recommendations in this design guide.


Sprinkle glitter on your baseball cap, and create a focal point above its rim. Glitter stands out on a light or dark baseball hat because it shimmers in natural light.

To design a hat with glitter, you’ll need a glue stick and a bottle of colorful glitter. You can also decorate a cap with glitter that’s a solid color. However, you must select a shade that will create contrast against the hat.

Begin this project by making a design or pattern on the hat with the glue stick. Then, before the glue dries, pour some glitter on it.


Use stickers to dress up your cap temporary. Because there are tons of stickers available, you could easily upgrade a cap based on a specific theme. For example, if you own a cap that already has your favorite sport team’s logo, you could add mascot stickers on the side of it.

Stickers have an adhesive coating that makes them stick to a cap. Over time, this adhesive film gradually loses its strength, and this is why a sticker is a temporary designer accessory for a cap.


A Sharpie is a convenient tool for a quick design project. If you use one to add fancy graphics on your cap, the ink will stay there. However, following multiple washes in a washer, the ink may begin to fade. You’ll have no problems creating contrasting effects on a cap using Sharpies because the Sharpie company offers pens and markers in a variety of colors.


Embroidered designs look great on a cap because they provide depth and dimension. The only problem is that embroidery is a skill that requires a lot of practice. However, you don’t have to learn how to add embroidered elements to a hat since there are multiple companies that provide embroidery services. For example, at most e-commerce stores, you can buy a regular cap and add an embroidered design before checking out.

Graphic Designs

Wow a crowd with a dressed up baseball cap that has a vibrant graphic design. There are dozens of screen printing services, so you won’t need to buy your own equipment to customize a hat.

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