How to Keep Lawn Healthy through Winter

Most people do not realize that even when the weather gets cold, they still have to maintain their lawns. If the area you live in does not stay warm all year long, then you probably store away the lawn mower and other lawn equipment as soon as the weather turns a little cooler. Even when it gets cold, there are a few tips to keep your lawn healthy during the winter months.

Fertilizer pays an important role during the winter months. Most grasses are cool season grasses, and the best time to fertilize this type of grass is during the cooler months. In order to get your lawn ready for the winter, it is a good idea to fertilize the lawn right before it gets cold. By fertilizing the lawn right before it gets cold, then the fertilizer will still be in the lawn’s soil throughout the winter. Once the spring season arrives, you will notice how healthy your lawn will look.

Mowing the Lawn
During the summer, many people like to have a high cutting base for a healthy lawn; however, this is not the case during the winter. As the weather turns cooler, you should begin lowering the cutting base of your lawn mower. By keeping the yard low, you will eliminate shelter places for mice and other rodents. These types of critters can destroy your lawn if they begin to make their residence there.

Get Rid of Trash
When it gets cold, many people do not spend as much time outside. This leads to a lot of items being left out on the lawn. It is important to clear away items in your yard each time that you go outside. When items are left on the lawn for long periods of time, it can kill portions of your lawn. If this happens, the grass will have a difficult time growing when spring arrives.

Keep off the Lawn
During the winter months, grass is often brown and shorter than usual. This allows people to think that they can walk on the lawn. It is important to keep people off your lawn. As more foot traffic goes over your lawn, it will create a worn path throughout the yard. Therefore, you should never allow anyone to park their car on the lawn and do your best to keep people from walking on the lawn.

A nice yard is key to having a nice home. Even when it gets cold, you should do your best to maintain a healthy yard. By following the tips above, your yard will be healthy all year round.

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