How to Keep Your Retaining Wall Strong

A retaining wall is an important structure to have in your garden. Its purpose is to hold the ground in place with extra support and prevent erosion in the garden. However, it’s very important to ensure that your retaining wall is strong enough to last and accomplish what it’s meant to do. Here is how to keep it strong.

Bury the Bottom

Remember, gravity can work against objects. As a result, you should always make sure your retention wall is buried in the soil from the bottom. This can help to keep it sturdy and strong. At least one-tenth of its height should be buried to prevent the soil from eroding and pushing it out of the ground. Of course, the retaining wall should always be built from only strong, durable materials as well. This can help prevent it from coming up and out of the ground.

Use Blocks, Rocks or Timbers

In addition to burying the bottom tenth of the retaining wall, you should also strategically place blocks, rocks or timbers against it. This is important in getting gravity to work in your favor. When the wall leans against these objects in the direction that’s compromised, it can help to keep it in place, which also keeps it stronger. If your retaining wall begins to lean, this is an easy step you can take toward ensuring it remains sturdy and stays standing.

Install a Solid Base

You will also want to install a solid base for your retention wall. Use compacted materials for the base to keep the wall flat and level. If your wall is constructed from the sturdiest of materials that make the tightest-fitting contact with each other, the friction will make the retention wall stronger as a whole. Of course, you also need two other things working with, rather than against, you: you must not have any uncompacted soil or water to compromise the wall.

Waterproof the Area as Necessary

In some cases, there might be too much water by your retaining wall. This can be a problem that can gradually erode at the soil around the wall as well as the wall itself. If you have a water drainage issue around the retaining wall, then your best bet is to have it waterproofed. This is a job that a professional can perform for you as there may be a few different options available.

These are the best ways you can work toward keeping your retaining wall as strong as possible. The overall health and appearance of your garden depend on it.

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