How-to Make Sure Your Dentures Fit Properly

Loss of teeth should not mean an automatic loss of ones smile. Teeth loss has no definite loss time, young and old; anyone can lose their teeth at anytime. Dentures are used as a long term solution that is painfree.You even get to continue eating every food type you used to enjoy before your teeth took a final bow.
How does one get the perfect fitting denture? A perfect denture should enable you to chew,smile and also talk normally as before, a denture is perfect when it is not only functional, but also has aesthetic appeal. So, how do you ensure you get a perfectly fitting denture? The answer lies in the process you and your dentist follow, here are the steps to a well -fitting denture:

The impression:

This is basically a photocopy of your mouth to allow building of denture that fits well in your mouth. It is done through biting into a custom tray with good impression materials to leave a good impression of your gums, and shows where the ligaments, lips and muscles are, to avoid creation of a denture that pops out of your mouth.

The jaws;

Jaws are like fingerprints, no two jaws are ever alike. Some are high, others wide,narrow etc. they even differ on the sides. These are the differences that have to be factored in by your dentists since the jaw determines teeth positioning and eventually, your smile. This step is very important.

Teeth and teeth biting position:

As said before, jaws play a key role in determining your teeth positioning, your smile is determined by your teeth placement thus the need to your teeth biting location, teeth also differ from one individual to another, from those with flat ones to those with steep teeth. Determination of the biting position gives the right chewing teeth determination and consequently the comfort with which you can bite food. This step heavily depends on step two.

The test run: 

This is done after the above steps and their results have been known. The test run is a step to determine if the prototype denture is a perfect fit for you and your mouth, it is done to ensure you retain your natural features as they were before and that the denture does not result in any facial misconfiguration of any kind. If they do not fit or need readjustments, step two is re-visited or a correction of any of the previous steps.

The perfect fit:

Here the new dentures are unveiled to you for your usage, the only hitch that can be encountered here is that the acrylic used in denture manufacture might shrink during curing, resulting in a tight denture, or one that refuses to go all way in, not to worry, these can be readjusted then you can celebrate by eating your favorite meal. For further help with denture queries, this facility is there to help you out.

Getting the perfect fitting denture relies more on the process followed in getting the final denture, do-my-dentures-fit does some good denture fits, you can check them out and have your smile fixed.

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