Radical Changes: Why People Who Quit the Corporate World Are Happy

There are many stories of expats, digital nomads, people who choose to go somewhere else, quit their full-time job (even if it pays enough) and live differently. Somehow, studies show that those people are happier than those who have to fight the routine daily.

We collected a few different stories from people who got tired of mundane life and decided to change everything.

Leigh Wilson

Leigh had been working in the fashion industry for about 20 years when she first felt she is burning out. There was no passion anymore, work seemed just to pile up and her body needed rest. Every once in a while, she used to travel for a week or two, she never did more than that. Leigh quit her career, sold her house and other belonging and… was on her way to Mexico. She traveled for 6 months, and then decided she wants to continue traveling. She started her own blog and feels like everything is much more convenient now.

Anisa Purbasari

This girl also made a decision and went off to travel with her close friends. While she admits that traveling, being a digital nomad is not always an amazing experience and random illness, boredom or the lack of money can really spoil your day, there are plenty of benefits in traveling in a company.

Now, when she returned she feels like she can return to her career again, though she doesn’t want to return to her previous job, she feels that traveling helped her recharge and remember who she is.

Leslie Scott

This is a story of a woman, who also ended up in a bad relationship. Leslie was fighting in a corporate environment, had toxic colleagues and a boss full of hatred and misogyny. Apart from that, things were not looking good at her home too. She had issues with her ex-husband, had daughters to raise on her own and all of that made life pretty miserable for her.

When her daughters moved out to go to colleges, she finally found some time for herself and went to live in the woods, in a tiny cabin. There she lived off her savings, hiking, reading, swimming and trying to replenish herself. After a year she started feeling better, and then managed to find a love of her life.

She also established a business, Walton Wood Farm, and that’s after a few failures! Her business turned out to be extremely profitable, and she is happy.

Cassie De Pecol

This is a quite famous name. The girl traveled just about to every country, in a year and a half. She planned her quit and travels for a long time, trying to save enough money, have fun and break the world’s record. When she was on the road, she was broke but managed to earn something being a digital nomad.

To Sum It Up

Life can be really different, for some coping with stress and jobs is easy, others find all of that intolerable. But life shouldn’t mean suffering, never. All of those stories prove that people can start from scratch, find a new goal and meaning of life, can become better selves.

All of those people felt scared, didn’t have enough money or doubted their decisions. The only difference is – the coped with the fear, understood that life is more than suffering and went on their amazing adventures.