Safety Measures Every Laboratory Needs to Have in Place

If you are going into a laboratory for work or just to learn for a day, then there are a few safety rules that you should be aware of. Every laboratory needs to have a few standard safety rules put in place that everyone follows in order to ensure their safety and the safety of everyone else in the lab. Below are a few basic lab rules that make the lab safe for everyone, make it hygienic, and give the area a basic code for acceptable behaviors so that accidents do not occur. Following these basic rules can keep you and everyone else safe, will ensure specific processes are followed, pricey equipment is treated well, and all of the materials are used correctly and put up properly.

Know where the emergency stations are
When you are in a lab, then chances are you are working with different chemicals at one time, and no matter how educated you are and how well you know how to use these chemicals, the fact is that they are always unstable and can give a reaction you are not ready for. If some type of accident were to happen, it is important to know where the safety showers, eyewash stations, emergency exit routes, and fire extinguishers are at all times.

Do not allow chemicals to touch your skin or eyes
No matter how toxic or safe the chemicals that you are working with may seem, it is very important to never let the chemicals touch your skin or eyes as you just don’t know how it could react to your skin. In order to keep this from happening, make sure you always have your lab coat, gloves, and protective eyewear on before you begin your work.

There is no playing to be allowed
When you are working in a lab, there are a lot of things that could go wrong very quickly and lead to people getting hurt. In order to minimize the risk of anyone sustaining injuries, it is imperative that you do not horseplay, rough house, or cause any distractions while in the lab.

Only use equipment as it is supposed to be used
Every piece of equipment has its own job and it should be used for that job and that job only. If used for something else outside of its own function, the equipment could break or cause a reaction for something you are not hoping for.

Always combine ingredients in the right order
Before combining any chemicals together, make sure to read through the instructions carefully and make sure you add them in in the appropriate order. One ingredient out of order could cause a severe reaction you are not looking for.

Following these simple rules can make the lab safer for you and everyone else and make it a great experience for all.

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