The Benefits of Having a Prepaid Phone

While smartphone technology has become commonplace in most countries around the world today, it is still possible to opt for a prepaid phone. While prepaid phones do not always provide the features and capabilities of standard smartphones, they still allow texting and phone calls. Before choosing a new phone plan for you or another member of your family, review the benefits of selecting a prepaid phone for your next purchase.

More Affordable Options 

One of the most attractive benefits of having a prepaid phone is the ability to do so at a much more affordable cost than traditional smartphones. Traditional smartphones often cost anywhere between $100 to more than $1000 and vary with the type of contractual agreement you have signed along with the provider you have chosen.

Avoid Traditional Contractual Agreements

When purchasing a traditional smartphone from a top mobile service provider you are required to sign a contractual agreement. Contracts with most mobile service providers last anywhere from one year to three years or more, depending on your agreed upon monthly service fee and the type of phone you are interested in. With a prepaid phone, avoid traditional contractual agreements and only pay for the minutes and services you need when you need them.

Prevent Overdrafts 

With standard mobile phone services, payments are automatically withdrawn using a debit card or bank account each month. Using a prepaid card is one way to ensure you do not encounter overdrafts or overspending if you are unable to pay for your service. Choose when you pay for the minutes and services you require without worrying about maintaining a positive balance in your bank account with a prepaid card.

No Overages or Roaming Fees 

Many of the top mobile phone services providers charge overages to customers who utilize more data than is allocated in their monthly plan. Overages can range from a few dollars to hundreds a month depending on how frequently you utilize your phone. Additional fees are also likely with a standard mobile service, which can lead to a significant increase in the overall payment amount you are responsible for each month.

No Credit Check Necessary 

With some mobile phone service providers today, customers are required to pass a credit check in order to obtain a standard contract and phone line. With a prepaid phone, skip credit checks altogether and purchase the phone and time you need whenever necessary.

Understanding the benefits of having a prepaid phone is a great way to make an informed decision the next time you are in the market for a new mobile device. With a complete understanding of what prepaid phones have to offer, choose a phone that is optimal for you and your everyday needs.

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