The Top Misconceptions About ABA Therapy

There are quite a few different therapies available for those that are suffering from some sort of behavioral disorder. ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, has become more well known throughout the last couple of decades, but unfortunately there are still some misconceptions about it. Here are the top misconceptions about ABA therapy.

It Isn’t Scientifically Proven
Many individuals have the misconception that ABA therapy isn’t scientifically proven. However, there have been numerous studies conducted that show that this type of therapy is very beneficial, especially for individuals that have some type of autism autism. In fact, many insurance companies will even pay for part of the treatment that is received by the covered individual.

It Is Rather New
Despite the fact that you may not have heard a lot about ABA therapy, it isn’t new. It has actually been around since around the 1950s. It became more widely known in the 1970s when ABA therapists started seeing a lot of positive results with their patients. Unlike some other types of therapies, Applied Behavior Analysis has been around for over 60 years.

This Type Of Therapy Involves Only Sitting At A Table
One of the most common misconceptions having to do with ABA therapy is that it involves only having the patient sit at a table. This is simply not the case. While there will be some sitting down, there is also a lot of moving around, especially in incidental teaching. This type of teaching involves working with the patient as they move about in their day. A variety of strategies can be applied during this time such a modeling, reinforcements or prompts. ABA therapy can look quite different among each patient.

Only Those With Autism Will Benefit From It
While ABA therapy is often used with children that have autism, therapists have found that it can be beneficial with a wide range of people. Because of this, it is often a preferred method of therapy for those that are suffer from some sort of behavior issue. ABA therapy can be very effective for almost anyone that would benefit from a change in their behavior. This type of therapy is mostly thought of as a therapy for those that suffer from autism because it is so effective for those that suffer from this disorder.

In conclusion, despite the fact that ABA therapy has been around for years, and is highly effective, there are still a lot of misconceptions about. This type of therapy can be beneficial for people with a wide variety of behavior disorders and is scientifically proven. ABA therapy is highly adaptive to the needs of the patient which contributes to it being a very successful form of therapy.

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