Top 4 Iconic Trophies for Employees

According to Inc., some companies believe that trophies should be given to all the brightest stars, not just those who have proved themselves and are held up to be emulated. On the other hand, suggests that studies by universities have shown that giving trophies builds credibility for the company, attracts better employees and boosts morale as well as offers free publicity.

With this said, the following are 4 iconic trophies to consider giving to your best employees or group of employees:

1. Crystal Recognition Awards
These can be engraved to announce a milestone that is significant as well as honor the appreciated contribution to the company. They promote positive feelings while recognizing the effort of those who contribute to the organization. By using a crystal award, you are giving a modern and well designed trophy that blends in well in a home or office. This type of award adds a dynamic look to a desk as well as being a trophy the recipient can be proud to own.

2. Plaques
These wooden awards can be used for Employee of the Month as well as recognition of a single employee. With the wooden plaque, each month a metal plate can be added; it can be used for quarterly recognition, Teacher of the Month and Employee of the Month. This type of award motivates the rest of the team with recognition that is perpetual.

3. Trophy Cups
Classic in design, trophies announce the employee as a winner. Similar to those used in sports, such as the the Kentucky Derby Cup or the Wimbledon Cup, they recognize top finishers and are often used in corporate contests. Simple and elegant, this type of trophy allows you to inscribe the base with a logo, name or title.

4. Certificates
Suitable for all occasions, the certificate is a cost-effective way with which you can recognize the contribution of an employee as well as a team. You can find certificates with diverse themes and designs; they may include a photo image, such as of a medal. The certificate can be encased in glass or included with a leather folder for protection and permanence. You can choose from stock designs or have one designed especially for your organization.

Whichever way you choose to recognize your top performers, you will be adding to the credibility of your company as as well as motivating others who work for you. Not quite participation trophies, these iconic employee recognition trophies show that you appreciate those who have contributed to and added value to your company. Moreover, they benefit your company by boosting the morale of all employees.

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