What You Need to Know About The Aviation Industry

When you hear the word aviation you immediately conquer up airports, pilots, etc. But, there is a lot more in-depth information about the aviation industry. The aviation industry generates a great deal of economic growth through employment, local and international trading, gross domestic products, trade, general business services, customer service, and the military.


Just like the rest of the world, the airline industry is prone to changes through modern technology. The industry is ever-evolving and adapting. The following emerging and innovative technology trends in the airport field are shaping the industry for 2019 and beyond:

1. AI
2. Cloud/Cybersecurity
3. Biometrics
4. Serviceability

1. AI

Artificial Intelligence is focusing on addressing customer needs. Airline chatbots are a software program that mimics human auditory and textual conversation when customers make their travel arrangements. This technology will soon introduce smart glasses and apps to guide customers via virtual guidance through the airport.

2. Cloud Cybersecurity

Based on terror activities both in the U.S. and globally the airline industry is devoting more than 98% of its resources to stay one step ahead in cybersecurity technology. The cloud is a part of this venture in the use of the aircraft OEM product database and other types of airline document management software. Using the cloud can help create a more secure and effective way to improve time, resources, and save money.

3. Biometrics

Scanning fingerprints or evolved facial recognition is a more secure method that is being adopted by airlines and airports. Boarding passes alone are not enough in today’s global society to keep abreast of the bad guys. Domestically, we forget that certain criminals are flown to their interment destinations. Biometrics helps in identifying them precisely. This technology is also being advanced in checking customer luggage. Facial recognition is seriously being considered as a method to identify passengers upon boarding to help speed up the check-in process.

4. Serviceability

The airline industry is always looking for better ways to improve service to customers. After all, better service equals more loyal customers. Airlines are testing for approval of Bluetooth headphones that provide around 40 language translation technology. Disability technology is being used in Europe to help individuals who are physically challenged and visually challenged. Robotic wheelchairs are currently being tested, as well as a virtual airline agent designed to help the visually impaired with their flight scheduling.

Aviation Endnote

The aviation industry across all platforms are working to enhance how people and products are being transported for better security, faster, and comfortable travel. Currently, the industry is busy working on lowering domestic airfares. Also, to increase military defense growth and procuring new domestic and commercial aircrafts to replace aging planes.

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