What You Need to Know Before Leasing a Private Jet

The affordability of private jet travel through well-known commercial flight airlines has allowed the average traveler to consider private jet travel. As you think about this option for travel, consider some of the differences between private and commercial travel.

Security checks

The hassle of a security line becomes a thing of the past when flying on a private jet. Your pilot is responsible for taking a look at the identification of the person who booked the flight; otherwise, all passengers board the plane and can leave when the pilot and crew are ready. Many airports allow you to pull your vehicle within a few feet of the private jet and board immediately.

Consider luggage restrictions

Even though you may be traveling privately, consider that a private jet may have weight restrictions for luggage since the compartments are relatively smaller than a commercial flight’s cargo area that includes considerations for fuel requirements. So, it is best to check luggage restrictions in advance as many private jets can only accommodate up to seven large pieces of luggage and several carry-on suitcases.

A faster trip

Commercial flights controlled through a traffic grid constitute a hub of planes that are always coming and going. They have to wait in a line of traffic before they take off and land. Private jets are not a part of this same hub of transportation. So, private jets are more likely to leave on time and allow for more direct flights since it is less likely that multiple stops will occur. If you also have chosen a plane with a higher fuel capacity, then the odds are it will only fly directly to your destination without any time-consuming stops on the way.

Better weather

By their reduction in size, private flights can climb at a higher rate of speed than commercial flights, which have a cruising altitude of below 35,000 feet. Private jets can soar higher and can avoid bad weather more often than commercial air flights. Additionally, smaller planes can avoid turbulent winds for smoother flight travel. As far as safety, icy build-up on smaller, private jet wings is avoidable because they can fly faster than more jumbo commercial jets.

Avoid jet cards

Many of the trendier private jet companies offer subscription services for frequent travelers for private jet services. These are flat-fee rates and give you only a specific amount of flying hours before you accrue more rates. Since the availability of private jets is growing, it is more cost-efficient to consider paying as you go and finding the competitive prices for each of the private jet services.

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